About Us

Heritage Products brings to you merchandise commonly found for trade or sale during the early development period of North America and still in popular use today.   Nothing we sell at Heritage Products is new!   Well, at least not new in development or design.   All our products have been “field tested” in homes and camps of our predecessors for, in most cases, more than three centuries.

The Colonial period through the early 19th century is the basic time frame for our merchandise however, many of our items span several centuries.

Heritage Products was established in 1976 as a small business producing historic replicas of Early American furniture, corn husk dolls, kitchen cabinetry, wooden ware and other crafts.   As time went by, some product lines were discontinued while others were expanded.

Heritage Products now represents a dozen or more families of crafters and other small business enterprises all working to produce historically-correct products of the finest quality and workmanship.

Heritage Products is located in St. Louis, Missouri, at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers - a place that played an important role in the history of the westward expansion of the United States in the first quarter century of our young country’s growth.

It was from here that French merchant, Pierre Laclede and his assistant, Auguste Chouteau, in 1764 began the trading post which would grow into St. Louis.   And it was from here 40 years later in 1804 that Lewis and Clark would depart with their Corps of Discovery to explore the immense tract of land purchased by President Thomas Jefferson and known as the Louisiana Purchase.

The merchants and traders who called St. Louis their home traveled throughout these new, uncharted lands bringing commodities and merchandise of all kinds to the Native American tribes and early European settlers living there.

The general merchandise sold at Heritage Products is a fair representation of some of the types of goods offered by these various traders, merchants, craftsmen, and artisans of this vibrant, exciting time in our nation’s colorful history.

... Jack & Jude Droesch, Proprietors