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CS-003  Square Rosewood-Cased Compass   This square solid rosewood-cased compass has an inlaid brass anchor in its lid making it a natural for those wanting a nautical accessory for their kit.    $12.00

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CS-011-012 CS-011  Pocket Watch Case Compass   This compass very closely resembles a traditional pocket watch with a heavy brass case suitable for engraving. The lid is spring loaded and opens with a touch of the release button within the chain loop.  [Pictured in lower right of group picture at left.]   $20.00

CS-012  Brass 2-inch Diameter Compass   Slightly larger than our other pocket compasses, this lightweight compass features a needle hold-down lock which prevents the needle from wearing on the jewel while in storage. As with all our compasses, the case is suitable for engraving and is furnished in untreated brass which will develop historically correct patina in a short time. (This means it will tarnish unless you keep it polished.)   [Pictured in lower left of group picture at left.]   $15.00

CS-004  18th Century Brass Pocket Compass   A good representation of the style of compass carried by explorers and travelers during the mid to late 18th century. The Compass Rose is well executed, clearly delineating the 32 points and 360 degrees. The case is of heavy brass and the removable top is well suited for engraving.   20.00

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Compass_2Aa.JPG - 6564 Bytes CS-005  Small Brass Pocket Compass   This economical compass is about the size of a man’s pocket watch and is similar in design with a hinged lid and a brass loop for attaching to a cord or chain. This lightweight compass is good for those concerned about weight while trekking or for someone looking for a handy little compass to carry in their haversack or pocket. The solid brass compass measures about 1 ½” diameter and is nicely constructed.   $8.00

CS-015  Mini Compass    This is a very basic, no frills compass but do not be misled by it's inexpensive price - this instrument does point you in the right direction!    Now, I wouldn't want to go to sea with this as my only compass, but for normal ranging or trekking or just keeping in my haversack for that spur of the moment hike, I would not hesitate to rely on this compass to get me back to where I started.    (Just remember, always take a compass bearing BEFORE you head out so you know from where you started!)    This compass also makes a good teaching tool for those just learning how to use a compass.    This lightweight compass measures a mere 1-3/8-inch in diameter and has a brass loop on it for suspending it from a lanyard.   $5.00

CS-016 CS-016  Mini Spyglass    Believe it or not, this little 3-1/8-inch long brass Spyglass actually works.    I don't know what power magnification it has but probably not much more than 1 power.    It is made of brass and is assembled with very fine machine threads and that means it can be completely disassembled for cleaning - but be careful!    The threads are fine and are prone to cross trhreading.    The glass optics are ground and do magnify the image you see.    The optic is focused by moving the smallest pipe in and out.    The solid brass instrument is unteated and will tarnish in a most historic fashion.    With care, this Spyglass will last a very long time.    $5.00

CS-014  Spyglass    This spyglass is constructed of heavy-duty brass and contains four pipes. To focus, simply move the smallest pipe (nearest to the eye) in and out. This is the most powerful spyglass we offer and includes a machined brass lens cap to protect the large front optic. With care, this spyglass will become a treasured family heirloom.    out of stock

CS-009 CS-009 & CS-010  Brass Spyglass - 3 Power Magnification    This handy spyglass will pack away easily in hunting bag or haversack and provides a good visual assist when looking at faraway objects or people. This three-pipe spyglass is very typical of the kind used throughout a wide variety of historic periods and is a good adjunct to your kit. Two variations of this spyglass is available - a Plain Brass Model and a Leather Covered Model. Both provide 3 Power Magnification. The brass used in the construction of these telescopes is of a sturdy type and will tarnish nicely with use. Both include a friction-fit lens cap of machined brass to protect the front optic. The spyglass is focused by moving the smallest section in and out.   Brass (CS-009) = $18.00    Leather Covered (CS-010) = $20.00

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