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  Westminister Forge is a family owned business with more than 48 years experience in the metal trades. All items are handmade, therefore no two items are ever exactly alike.

All items used for cooking are tinned with pure tin (no lead or antimony is used anywhere in making these items.) All products are made from 16-ounce cold rolled copper. All handles, bales and hinges are soldered and riveted for greater strength.

When you buy copperware with the “WMF” touch mark, you can be assured you are buying the very best, historically correct copper products available today. Like so many of the products sold at Heritage Products, this copperware could be regarded as family heirlooms one day. This is traditional copperware of a kind found in North America from the 17th through the 19th century.


CO-001  Pouring Pot   What a dandy pot this one is! It measures 7” in diameter by 7” tall and has a strainer and splashguard built in. This large pot can be used for steaming or straining vegetables, making coffee, heating water for washing, cooking a large stew, etc. It is a versatile utilitarian pot. Holds 1 gallon   $105.00

CO-002  Traditional Coffee Pot    This fine coffee pot measures 6 ½” across at the base, tapers to 4 ¼” at the top, and stands 8” tall. It has a sturdy brass bale on top for hanging over the fire or hanging onto while you pour with the generous handle on the back. The lid is hinged to the back so it won’t fall off while pouring. In use from the 19th century onward. Holds 3 ½ quarts.   $100.00



CO-003  Sign Pot    This small coffee pot measures 5” across the base, 3” at the top, and 7” tall. It is just the right size for a brazier. It is called a “Sign Pot” because this is the pot Westminister Forge uses in the sign that hangs out in front their shop. While never originally intended for production it has become very popular. Serendipity? Holds 4 cups.   $95.00

CO-004 & CO-005  Early Style Coffee Pots   This style of pot is straight sided and was used before the tapered coffee pot became popular. Instead of a large copper handle on the back of the pot, this style pot has a small brass tipping handle riveted and soldered two inches above the bottom. This works quite well in controlling the pour when filling a mug with a steamy fill-up of coffee, tea or cocoa. These pots come in two sizes: 5” diameter by 8” tall and 6” diameter x 8” tall   CO-004 =$87.00;   CO-005 = $95.00

CO-004 CO-005


CO-006  Corn Boiler   This pot measures 4-½” in diameter by 4-¾” tall and will pack well inside a haversack or bedroll. A popular pot with those who trek. Holds 1 quart   $69.00

CO-007  Insert   Absolutely the most popular pot and best-seller! This great little pot handles most of the needs a person has while on a trek, a “bare bones” camp out, a day’s hunt, or an extended scout. It also fits inside the corn boiler so that the two pots can be used to cover about all your cooking needs. This little pot is lightweight, rugged and reliable. Holds 2 cups   $65.00


CO-008-9-10 CO-008  5x3 Nesting Pot   This dandy little pot falls into the same category as the Insert listed above. It is a variation of the insert in that it is another good “one man” pot that will nest inside the slightly larger 6x 3 ½” pot (which also nests inside the 7x4” pot). The 5x3” pot is easy to pack and will not tip over easily if you need to set it on a bed of uneven coals.   $65.00

CO-009  6x3 Nesting Pot    Like the CO-008 pot above, this wide but short pot is well suited to a trekking situation where meal preparation finds the pot placed upon an uneven bed of coals. This pot is the “middle size” pot of the 3-piece nesting set.   $70.00

CO-010  7x4 Nesting Pot   This is the largest of the 3-piece nesting set and is good in many different camp settings. Please note that when nesting any of these pots, it is important to put something between the pots to prevent scratching of the tin lining that coats the inside of the pot. We recommend using a scrap of leather, a cloth or maybe a fleece pot holder.   $75.00

CO-011 and CO-012  Tankards, Large and Small    Two sizes of tankards are available: the large size, shown on the left in this photo, holds 40 ounces of your favorite beverage while the small size holds 16 ounces or one pint.   CO-011 = $57.00, CO-012 = $53.00



CO-013  Soldier’s Cup    3 ¾ inches wide by 3 inches deep this cup is made out of heavier gauge copper than the tankards and is designed to be used by the very “bare bones” trekker who wants to carry only one piece of copper ware for all drinking and cooking purposes. Yes, this small cup, which measures two cups, can be used as a small cook pot over a small open fire. A note of caution, however: using a copper cup to drink hot beverages is a good way to burn lips! This sturdy cup is sure to become a favorite.    $60.00

CO-014  Canteens    These canteens are made just the way those found at various historic sites during archaeological investigations. Available in two sizes, the small one holds 32-ounces while the large one holds approximately 56-ounces. Available with or without thimbles soldered on the sides for attaching a carrying rope. Some users prefer not having the thimbles or loops on the side as they want to sew their own wool cover for carrying the canteen. Canteens do not come with stoppers. While many users just put a cork in the spout, originally, a sassafras stopper was whittled to seal the canteen. This stopper was carved from dried sassafras a little undersize so that when it became wet, the wood swelled and made a good seal. These canteens are all priced the same so please specify size and whether or not you want thimbles on the canteen. Canteens are made of plain copper, not tin lined – use for water only   $70.00


CO-015  Trade Kettle    Trade Kettles were popular among all people in the early days of our country’s history. These lightweight kettles are good choices for camp or on the trail. The small kettle on the left in the photo holds 26-ounces. It measures 4-3/4” across the base x 3½” across the top x 4½” tall.    $71.00

CO-016  Trade Kettle    The larger kettle on the right in the photo holds holds 42-ounces. It measures 5-7/8” across the base x 4¾” across the top x 4½” tall.    $75.00


  4-Piece Nesting Set     This set is undoubtedly the cat’s meow in copper camping cookware! With the complete set or just one or two of these fine pots, you will be able to take care of all your cooking needs whether for one or two campers or for a large family.  

  CO-017  5x5 Nesting Pot   This pot is a good choice for a canoe trip or pack-in adventure. It will easily handle the requirements of one or two campers on the trail or afloat.    $70.00
  CO-018  6x6 Nesting Pot   The next larger pot shown in this photo is the 6x6”. It is a good bet for weekend or week long campouts.   $75.00
  CO-019  7x7 Nesting Pot    This pot makes a great stew pot or vegetable boiler for a few good campers – we won’t try to estimate how many as that depends on the appetites of those you invite to dinner! This pot holds about a gallon.   $95.00
  CO-020  8x8 Nesting Pot   Far right in photo – this pot is the biggest of the 4-piece nesting set and is suitable for making a stew or burgoo, boiling corn on the cob or lobsters, or whatever you need to cook for that hungry crew. Holds a gallon and then some.   $105.00



CO-021  4-Piece Trekking Set    This handy set has everything a trekker needs for preparing meals while on the trail. It includes a small pouring pot with spout, strainer and pouring tab on back, a small copper cup which can be used as another cooking cup or mixing bowl (the lid fits both the pot and the cup), a redware ceramic cup for drinking hot beverages or soup, and a horn spoon. Sets like this are currently being carried by a few of our Warriors in the mountains of Afghanistan – these troops are also living history re-enactors when they are at home with us.    $110.00

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