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Hook_1a.JPG - 5861 Bytes FW-002  “S” Hook - Twisted   The “S” Hook is the traditional hook used to suspend pots and kettles from cooking irons and tripods over an open fire. Our “S” Hooks are made of ¼-inch mild steel, hot oil treated, scrolled on both ends for safety, and twist decorated for a classic look. Hooks average about 4 inches in length $8.00

FW-003  “S” Hook - Large, Twisted Same as the Twisted “S” Hook above but made from 5/16-inch stock and averages about 6 - 7 inches in length. Heavy duty “S” Hook for heavy pots.   $10.00


FW-004  “S” Hook - Plain   Same as above but without decorative twist.   $6.00

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Hook_2a.JPG - 6035 Bytes FW-005  “J” Hook   This simple hook is very traditional in design - simple, functional, and graceful. The “J” Hook is one of the first projects our apprentice blacksmiths learn to make at the forge as it incorporates several basic ‘smithing techniques - drawing, scrolling, bending, and twisting. Our “J” Hooks are made of ¼-inch mild steel and are oil treated to give a traditional wrought iron black color. The scrolled end of the hook protects hats and garments. Hooks average about 3 inches in length.   $5.00

FW-006  Spike or Drive Hook   These hooks were traditionally used for hanging herbs in the kitchen to dry. The spike was hammered into the exposed beams and could easily support weight far heavier than a bundle of drying herbs. Our herb-drying Spike Hooks are made with a generous surface for hitting with a hammer so they won’t bend while you are putting them in place. (One tip, however: we recommend that you pre-drill a pilot hole before driving these hooks home as most of today’s homes don’t have the heavy beams our ancestors used in their kitchens.)   $6.00

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Hook_3a.JPG - 7509 Bytes FW-007  Tent Pole Hook   This hook conveniently turns your tent poles into hangers. The hook has an eye formed on one end that slips over the pin in the top of your tent pole. The other end of the hook is scrolled and bent to form a basic hook. Hooks average 3 inches in length.   $6.00

FW-009  Meat Skewer Set   Meat Skewers were important utensils in kitchens of yore as they were absolutely necessary for securing cuts of meat, roasts, and fowl to the spit so they could be rotated and evenly cooked. Without skewers, the spit would simply rotate inside the meat or bird without turning the food. A young woman would try to include skewers of different sizes in her hope chest so that when she married and set up her own household, she would be well prepared. Some claim that the meat skewer was among the earliest form of iron cooking utensil developed and was patterned after skewers made of wood. Our skewers average about 12 inches long and are very suitable for use as shish kabob skewers. (By the way, shish kabob is a Pakistani term.)   $15.00 per set of 4

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TurnScrews_1a.JPG - 6506 Bytes FW-016  Turnscrews   In modern parlance, these are called screwdrivers and are of a small size for carry in a hunting pouch or haversack. Although these are useful for many different purposes they are made for and intended for use primarily by hunters and shooters. They are handy for making adjustments to flintlocks and for disassembling muskets and rifles for cleaning. They are sold in pairs, joined together by a copper ring, so that if the hunter happens to drop them in the leaves or tall grass, they will make a clearly audible ringing noise. I don’t know how many small turnscrews I have lost in the woods over the years when I just carried one; however, I know for a fact that I have not lost any since I started carrying them in pairs like the type we offer. Made of high quality tool steel, please note that we make the bits of these turnscrews oversize so you can file or grind them to exactly fit the screw slots of your particular firearm.   $15.00/pair

FW-017  Vent Pick   This tool is designed to clean the powder residue or fouling from the touch hole of your flintlock to provide a clear channel for the flash to reach your powder charge in the firearm. There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a nice deer in your sights and then have your excitement squelched by a flash in the pan! We offer three different styles of Vent Picks for you to chose from: Straight Edge (which can be further filed to fit your particular touch hole), Round Edge, and Curved (which can be used with a flash guard in place - good for reenactments when a hard day on the battlefield finds you with powder fouling to clean.)   $4.00   

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FW-028 FW-028   Awl - Canoe (plain)    A traditional awl traded through out North America from the earliest contact between First Americans and Europeans up through the present day. These awls have one end with a round point, the other with a square point. These are small awls approximately four inches in length with a cross section of 1/8th inch. They are forged from tool steel which has been heat treated to hold a sharp point.   $5.00

FW-021  Fire Rake   This tool is similar to a Fire Poker (below) but performs a different function. The Fire Rake is the blacksmith’s basic fire management tool and is just as handy around the cooking campfire as it is around the coal forge. It is used to rake together the hot coals so that the heat can be concentrated beneath a hanging pot. It is also used to rake together a bed of coals on which to set a kettle, pot, or other cooking vessel. Because the working end of the fire rake has been thinned to provide a wide surface for pulling the coals together, it is not as sturdy as the working end of the Fire Poker. (If you intend to buy only one fire management tool, go with the Fire Poker.)   $25.00

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FW-020 FW-020  Fire Making Kit   Contained in a handy round tin can with a friction-fit lid, our Fire Making Kit contains everything needed for starting a fire in a traditional manner. The 4-inch round tinder box includes a “C” Style Fire Steel, flint, a generous amount of flax tow for tinder, and approximately 12 pieces of cotton char cloth. Of all the tools we offer, this represents a “touch stone” with history, a most ancient technology - one that can be traced back 5,000 years in man’s history. People who are unfamiliar with this form of fire making often times watch in amazement as a fire is kindled in this manner, as if magic was used.   $20.00

FW-023  Trekker's Fire Making Kit   This lightweight Fire Making Kit is ideal for Trekkers wanting to limit the weight of the gear they carry with them in their haversack or belt pouch. This kit uses a French-style oval striker made of high carbon tool steel and includes a sharp piece of French Amber Flint. Two kinds of tinder are provided: traditional flax tow and jute rope. There are enough pieces of char cloth stored under the striker and beneath the tinder to make at least a dozen fires. Weight of this compact kit is about three ounces.   $15.00



FW-029  Charcloth   For the individual who does not have the time to make his or her own char cloth, we offer this convenient pack of at least 30 pieces of 100% cotton char cloth to be used with flint and steel for fire making. While there is no great mystery to making good char cloth, now and then it happens that an outdoor event slips up on a person before there is time to make a batch of char. This solves the problem.   $1.00

FW-050  Flax Tow - 2-oz   From England comes this fine flax tow, the unrefined fibers of the flax plant from which linen thread is spun before being woven into fabric. Useful for spinning demonstrations, fire making with flint and steel, traditional gun cleaning swab, and other utilitarian purposes,    $3.00

FW-019.JPG FW-019  “C” Style Fire Steel   This type of Fire Steel is generally thought of as an English pattern and is a type commonly found in archaeological digs at historic sites throughout New England. Made of high carbon tool steel.   $15.00

GF-003  French Flint Shard   These flints are used for Flint/Steel fire making and the Fire Making Kits shown above.    $2.00


Carl King  
Hand forged items by Carl King are now available through Heritage Products along with the forge ware that we produce in our shop.    Carl has his blacksmith shop in Dry Ridge, Kentucky, where he makes a wide variety of tools and accessories for home, farm, and Living History re-enactors of American history.    All items made by Carl that we offer here have been hand-forged in a coal fired forge, formed and shaped on a traditional anvil or swage block, using hand made jigs and fixtures.    Items that contact food have been treated with a light coat of cooking oil to resist oxidation; all other parts have been painted black to prevent rust.    Carl’s forge work is just the best and is right for all historic times.    Whether in camp or at home, using his tools and fixtures are sure to enhance your historic experience and bring pleasure to the user.

FW-030   Horse Shoe Nail Key Rack    This handy rack will help keep your keys organized. It has 7 key hooks forged from #16 horseshoe nails riveted to a 1-inch wide bar with fish tail finials on each end. The rack measures 12 inches overall with two 3/16-inch mounting holes.    $20.00



FW-032   28-inch Combination Poker/Fire Rake    This rugged tool is made from 3/8-inch square stock, has a sharp point for moving firewood and a flattened section for raking coals and ashes.    $30.00

FW-034   24-inch Ash Shovel    This handy tool is just the ticket for putting hot coals on top of your Dutch oven or making a flat-topped bed of coals to set a pot on. Shovel is made from 14 gauge steel for long lasting durability.   $30.00


FW-031-6 FW-036   Meat Roasting Fork    This dandy fork is about 28-inches long and that means you can stay well back of the fire and roast a piece of meat or game without fear of burning your hand. It is made from 5/16-inch square stock and its tines are 3 inches long. This fork is designed to be propped over a log or rock so you can take care of other mealtime chores while the meat is roasting. Then, if you just happened to bring along a few marshmallows, well, this is the tool for roasting them as well. And finally, when you are in the mood for a classic weenie roast, nothing will do the job better than this old time standby! Folks, this is one utensil your heirs will squabble over after you're gone!    $25.00

FW-037   Dutch Oven Lid Lifter    With this utensil you will never again run the chance of dumping hot coals or ash into the meal you are cooking in your Dutch oven. Simply place the hook under the handle on top of the lid, tilt it back slightly, and raise the lid straight up. Once you have used one of these, you will wonder how you ever got along without it! Made of sturdy 3/8-inch square stock with "wings" riveted on for strength and durability.   $35.00

FW-038 FW-038   Squirrel Cooker    This two-piece set is designed with the trekker or backpacker in mind. As shown, the fork or hook portion fits through the eye of the stake so that if a squirrel or other small piece of meat is to be cooked, the meat will be suspended over the fire. The hook end is designed to hold a small pot over the fire when that end is of the tool is put through the eye. The set is made from 1/4-inch square stock and is about 13 inches long so that it doesn't take up much room or weigh very much in your haversack or pack out on the trail.    $20.00

FW-039  Meat Roaster    Here is another tool that is easy to pack on the trail or for your cook kit back at base camp. Two keepers hold the game, chicken, or roast in place on the skewer so that when you rotate the skewer, the meat turns with it. The frame is made such that one side is just wide enough for the skewer to move a quarter turn at a time. This way, you are ensured that all sides of the meat will be cooked evenly. This is one of the dandiest cooking implements we have come across in quite a while.    

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FW-041-3 FW-041   Small Spatula    Made from 1/4-inch square stock with a 2-inch wide blade made from 18-gauge steel. Approximately 11-inches in length.    $18.00

FW-042   Small Spoon    (see above)    $18.00

FW-043   Small Fork    (see above)    $18.00

FW-044   Large Spatula    Made from flat bar stock and 18-gauge steel for years of durable use in camp or at home. Approximately 16-inches long.    $20.00 FW-044-5
FW-045   Large Fork    (see above)    $20.00
FW-046   Large Spoon    (see above)    $20.00
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