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WS-008  Hand-Blown Green Glass Inkpot   Made in the style and tradition of those found in excavations at Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia, this small, hand-crafted inkwell is well suited for use in lap desks.   $15.00



WS-006  Ceramic Inkpot Writing Set   Everything needed to write letters or keep notes in your journal. This set includes a salt-glazed conical inkwell, a packet of powdered ink sufficient to make 2 ounces of black ink, and a properly cut quill pen made from a domestic turkey feather. Although all 2 ounces of ink can be mixed at one time, unless you are planning on writing a volume or two, we recommend that you mix your ink a tablespoon full or so at a time. This way, the powdered ink will last much longer. A thimble full of ink is sufficient for writing 4 or 5 pages.   $12.00

WS-003  Pocket Ink   Finely powdered black ink that requires only warm water to produce a fine quality writing media. Producing the right ink for you will require a minimum of experimentation. We suggest that you start out with no more than a tablespoonful of water into which you sprinkle a few grains of the powdered ink. Add more ink until desired color is achieved.   $1.00



WS-010  Cobalt Glass Inkpot   This little inkwell is ideal for boxed writing sets or lap desks. It has a bright metal lid with a friction fit snap to keep the lid closed.   $10.00

WP-001  Small Coffee Mug    3-1/4" high    This small mug makes a good cup of coffee taste even better when you reflect upon its origin in Williamsburg, Virginia.    $9.00



WP-002  Medium Coffee Mug    4-3/4" high    This mug may be used as a larger coffee mug or as a cold beverage mug.   $12.00

WP-003  Large Coffee Mug    6" high    This large mug is well suited to serving cold beer or ice tea when appropriate.   $15.00



WP-004  Inkpot       This humble 3" inkpot has fulfilled its job adequately for more than 300 years and continues so today.   Its desisgn is such that it can support a quill pen without tipping over.   With the addition of a cork, the ink may be preserved in its liquid state for long periods of time.   $8.00

WP-005  Whiskey Jug      This stout 5" jar is of a generic kind found in archaeological digs at Williamsburg associated with the storage of spirits and brandies.    $16.00



WP-006  Left Hand Pitcher   This sleder 5" pitcher was specifically made for left-handed users.   Adding cream to coffee or syrup to pancakes, the left-handed user will be pleased with the "perfect fit" of the handle of this pitcher.   $10.00

HH-003  Leather Canteen   This canteen is crafted in the same way it has been made for centuries. The two sides are soaked in water and carefully sewn together. Next, wet sand is forced inside forming the interior cavity. When dry, the inside is carefully cleaned and lined with Brewer’s Pitch. Canteen holds approximately one quart of liquid. For cold liquids only.   $80.00


HH-006  Hardwood Birch Bowls   Made from hardwood beech, these bowls are unique. Turned from green wood, then allowed to dry slowly in a climate controlled room. This process results in bowl shapes that are not always round. These unfinished, sanded wood bowls should be seasoned before use.   7-inch = $13.00   8-inch = $17.00   10-inch = $36.00   12-inch = $42.00



HH-011  Panhandle Cover   Designed to be slipped over the handle of your cast iron skillet or frying pan when it's time to move it off the fire.    The cover is made of two pieces of wool fleece backed by heavy leather.    Safe handling of hot, heavy skillets is the goal of this cover.    $4.00

HH-012  Pot Holder   This is a handy 4 inch square of heavy leather and thick wool saddle fleece with a leather tug attached for hanging when not in use.    Keeps you from burning your hands when moving cast iron, copper or tin cookware in your camp kitchen.    Its bright color will help you keep it in sight when you need it.    $3.00

HH-012 HH-012a

HH-007  Tallow Candles   The use of tallow or animal fat for making candles goes back several hundred years and is still in use to a small degree today. While many folks have the notion that 100% beeswax candles are the most historically correct, that is not quite true. Homemakers in America began adding small amounts of beeswax to their candles in the late 18th century when beeswax became more available. There were no honey bees in North America prior to the colonization of the eastern seaboard by Europeans. It took the bees more than 100 years to become well enough established to allow a surplus of beeswax to become available to candle makers. Tallow, on the other hand, was available every time a large animal was slaughtered for meat. The best tallow came from oxen, sheep, bear and deer; the worst came from hogs which produced smelly tallow, the candles of which sputtered grease on the tables and gave off thick black soot. Our tallow candles are made using a recipe more than 150 years old and use tallow which has been refined three times. In a candle lantern, these candles will burn at a rate of one inch per hour. Candles are 10 inches long.    $2.00

HH-009  Round Tin Cans   
Small can measures 2¾”-wide x ¾”-deep $1.50
Large can measures 4”-wide x 1”-deep $2.00


HH-013 HH-013a
HH-013b HH-013d

HH-013  Multipurpose Cans
Small can measures 2½”-wide x ¾”-deep $1.50
Deep can measures 2½”-wide x 1½”-deep $2.00
Large can measures 4”-wide x 1”-deep $2.00

Small box with a hinged lid, this is a handy container.
It offers sturdy protection for small items in your
haversack or shooting bag and can even be used for
making char cloth out on the trail.
Hinged can measures 2¼” x 3½” x ¾”-deep $1.50

WB-007  B’s Oil   While other products can be used to properly season an unfinished bowl which will be used for serving food, we recommend B’s Oil. By applying two coats of B’s Oil before use, the new bowl is given a food safe protective finish and a warm, natural finish that is very pleasing.   $7.00


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