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JP-009   Corn Husk Doll    Historians are unsure how long First Americans have been making Corn Husk Dolls but what they are sure of is that among almost every indigenous tribe across North America that grew corn, corn husk dolls were found! Jude learned her craft from ladies in the Appalachian town of Berea, Kentucky, more than 30 years ago. Her dolls have gone all around the world as representative of this folk art craft. Among her best-loved dolls are the ones shown in these photographs; however, Jude is able to make one-of-kind dolls for special occasions. Please contact her through our Feedback page for availability, required time to make special order dolls, and prices. Price for regularly stocked Corn Husk Dolls: $15.00


PA-008   Homespun Cotton Scarf    Nothing flashy here – just plain, old fashioned cotton triangles used for head scarves, neck scarves, cravats, bandanas, and traditional face protection in dust storms. Our scarves are generously cut – 54 inches across the long points – so that, in a pinch, they can also be used for a triangular bandage or arm sling. Colors and patterns vary. Please specify your choice: solid color or colored pattern.    $6.00

PA-009  Lady’s Pocket    Constructed of cotton in a variety of colors and patterns, these pockets are of a good size for holding many items out of the way between a lady’s petticoat and chemise. Please contact us for available colors and patterns. Utility white pockets are almost always in stock. Plain, solid color, or pattern – based upon availability of yard goods. All pockets have a twill tape tie for fastening around the waist.    $6.00



PA-010  Lady’s and Young Lady’s Aprons    Made in a variety of natural materials, colors, and patterns all based upon historical accuracy and available yard goods. Cotton and linen are most often used for making these aprons.    Lady’s (30”) = $6.00; Young Lady's (18”) = $4.00

PA-014   Tricorn Cockade    Nothing sets off your tricorn or other early American hat quite like a traditional cockade. Our cockades our made of historically correct cotton and can be easily sewn onto your hat. Our cockades can be worn just as they are or can have feathers, buttons, or other decorations added to them to make a unique, one-of-a-kind hat. Colors and styles vary. Please contact us for currently available colors.    $4.00



JP-007   Lady’s Hatpin    Used primarily for securing a lady’s straw hat to her hair on a windy day, there are stories of some ladies actually defending their virtue with these long steel pins. We don’t advocate that use but do respect those ladies of yore who were so self reliant. These hatpins are about eight inches long and each has a decorative glass bead affixed to it to give better holding ability in straw or cloth hats.    Large (8-inches) = $5.00; Small (4-inches long) = $3.00

TA-013   Cabin Rag Doll    These small dolls were many a young frontier girl’s only doll to play house with while growing up in a pioneer household. Fabric was simply too expensive and too dear to be used for making a big doll. Almost every scrap from sewing projects was put into another project and most of the remnants from those projects became quilt pieces. That left very few scraps too small to be used elsewhere and those that remained were made into cabin dolls. Jude’s dolls are carefully made examples of traditional cabin dolls. They are sure to bring a smile to a young girl’s face in the very same way they have been for hundreds of years!    $3.00



JP-010   Corn Husk Flowers    These will add a festive look to your fall arrangement on your table or in your 18th century room. Made of all natural materials.    $2.00

JP-011   Corn Husk Angel Ornament    For your Christmas Tree or other holiday decoration, this traditional angel will add a touch of history to your décor.    $3.50


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