Tomahawks, Hunter’s Hatchet & Knives

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TH-001  Tomahawk Edge Guard   This handy leather device protects the edge of your tomahawk from becoming nicked - or from cutting you. Many sites now require reenactors to have guards on their edged weapons before participating in battle reenactments. Edge Guards come small (for Mouse ‘hawks), medium (for standard size ‘hawks – fits most competition ‘hawks), and large.   $5.00   
TH-002  Tomahawk Belt Loop   This simple device slides onto your belt and provides a safe place to store your tomahawk. It is a more comfortable way of carrying your ‘hawk than by carrying it between your belt and body.   $5.00



TH-015  Pruning Knife   This small pruning knife has a blade length of 2 Ľ-inches and a closed length of about 3 inches. While it is a relatively small knife, it does a good job of peeling apples and would be well suited as a folding patch knife for the muzzleloader shooter.   $8.00

TH-018  French Amber Knife   This superbly made flint knife comes from France and is made of the world famous French Amber Flint. It was made by the same man who makes our French Amber Gun Flints, demonstrating that he is just as talented making flint tools as he is in making our gun flints. This knife is hafted in a piece of European elk antler and is every bit as capable of work as any other knife. If you are interested in primitive hunting with a stick bow and arrows tipped with stone points, this may just be what you need to round out your equipment.   SOLD




H&B Tomahawks and Throwing Knives   are fine tools made of quality steel and are proven winners in competition throughout the Living History world. We are pleased to be able to offer them to our customers.


TH-007  Squaw   Slightly smaller head and handle, a lightweight tomahawk good for competition throwing events, general camp chores, trekking, and long hunts.   $50.00

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