Mirrors & Magnifiers

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MM-011  Pewter Magnifier    This unique magnifier has a pewter handle fashioned after a grape vine and is designed to be worn around the neck. Comes with a black velvet pouch to keep it safe in the haversack or sewing basket. Sometimes it helps to have an assist while trying to thread a needle or read the fine print.    $25.00

MM-008  Burning Glass   The use of a glass or crystal lens to ignite combustible materials has been in use since the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Vikings and ancient Celts in Ireland also used burning glasses to stat fires. With this being said, this is another type of technology that does not have a clear origin in mankind’s history – in other words, it is a very old tool in mankind’s toolbox. To this day, a burning glass is used to light the Olympic torch carried by the host country before the start of the Games. Our burning glass will light your torch or campfire on any sunny day.    $3.00



MM-009  Burning Glass with Pouch   Same as MM-008 above but with a protective cloth pouch to keep your burning glass scratch free.    $4.00

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