Musical Instruments

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MU-001  Tin Penny Whistle   Key of D tin whistle, 12 inches long, hand-soldered lead-free seam, and wood plug. This 6 hole flute is typical of the type found throughout Europe and the North American colonies. Comes with the history of the instrument, music, and instruction sheet.   $7.00



MU-006  Wood Signal Whistle   This was the common instrument used for signaling Light Infantry skirmishers found throughout the forests of North America during the wars in the colonial period of American history. Since these highly mobile fighting men relied on speed and surprise for their success, they could not include drums and drummers for relaying orders. Instead, shrill whistles made from wood, bone, horn, antler, or brass were used to give commands and shift forces. This 4-inch whistle is a good representation of the type used and includes a short leather lanyard.   $6.00

MU-008  Small Double Horn Whistle    Made of cow horn with whistles on either end. One is a traditional shrill whistle while the other contains a small pea which causes the tone to trill (like a policeman’s or coach’s whistle) when blown with force. Comes with a lanyard.   $3.00

MU-009  Fish Whistle    Made of cow horn and shaped like a fish, this single tone whistle is a larger version of the small MU-007. Contrary to popular belief, they do not attract fish when blown over water (although I have been tempted to suggest to some users to put their heads under water and try calling in fish…) Measures 3 ˝” long and comes with a lanyard.    $3.00

MU-010  Large Double Horn Whistle    This is the largest horn whistle that we offer and measures about 3 ˝ inches overall. It certainly produces shrill tones on either end which can be heard at great distances. Makes a good signaling device in the woods or on the water.    $4.00


MU-011   Large Fish Whistle   These whistles are made of buffalo horn for one very good reason: they outlast whistles made of other natural materials. Now this may not mean much to you unless you are a dog handler and use your whistle routinely as you train and work your dog (or dogs.) On the other hand, if you want a whistle that is durable and produces a loud, shrill tone that is audible at great distances, this is the one for you. Comes with a stout cord lanyard for wearing around your neck. When in the great outdoors, including a whistle in your gear provides a margin of safety in case of becoming lost or hurt while on an adventure. The whistle can be heard farther away than a shout for help and takes less effort to produce.   $3.00

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