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SOLD!!   OK-041  Plug Bayonet   Plug Bayonet made from Scottish dirk blade. This plug bayonet represents a type made in the late 17th or early 18th century during the transitional period when socket bayonets were first being introduced. A bayonet of this style would have been carried by militia troops or civilians wanting an extra measure of security. This example has a handle of hard maple and will fit guns of .60 caliber or larger. The iron cross guard has been decorated with ornate acorns. The leather sheath also has an acorn on the tip. This one-of-a-kind plug bayonet was made by Richard Muskopf while the sheath was crafted by Bob Hougland.   

SOLD!!   OK-042  Plug Bayonet, Shell Guard   This is the Plug Bayonet for Dr Glenn    $240.00

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