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  In France, during the 16th century, a portmanteau was an officer in the King’s service who carried the royal mantle (manteau) of the king when traveling – “the royal mantle bearer.” The mantle was of great value and was accordingly carried in a case of soft leather. Eventually, in England, the case itself became the portmanteau and was used as a traveling bag for carrying articles of various nature. We are pleased to offer excellent quality portmanteaus, hand sewn in the style of the period of fine quality leathers.

PO-004  Leather Canteen    Nothing quite says “historic” like a leather canteen! The canteen that we offer is made in Scituate, Massachusetts and is entirely hand sewn. It is lined with brewer’s pitch to keep it from leaking and so it is for cold liquids only. (Hot liquids cause the pitch to soften and can cause leaks at the seams.) Capacity is about a quart.    $80.00



Harold Heuston, also known as “Bague Harold” has been making period-correct backpacks and haversacks since returning from Scotland where he visited a museum specializing in 18th century haversacks. There he obtained permission to go into the “backroom” where he was allowed to examine historic bags, count stitches per inch, make accurate measurements, and obtain the information necessary to craft a period correct bag. He has been making these bags for several years now and no one makes a better bag. His bags are all hand sewn and hand waterproofed. The best thing about these bags is that the more you use them, the better they look and work! All bags are provided with long straps that can be cut down to fit the individual, thereby offering a custom fit for each person who uses a Bague Harold Bag.

(Note: all backpacks include a free trekking cook pot bag to hold cook pots that become black with soot over the campfire.)

PO-010  New and Improved Backpack    This was the name given to this rudimentary knapsack when it first came into use between the time of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. This large backpack is constructed of hemp and has three large pockets with D-rings along both sides for tying a blanket or two between the front and back pockets. The entire backpack is waterproofed with linseed oil and is a sturdy, reliable 18th century bag.    $195.00 Temporarily Out Of Stock

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