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  PLEASE NOTE:  our sale of copperware is being temporarily suspended.   We anticipate being able to resume offering this amazing product in September 2023.   This page is being presented for reference only so our customers can plan their September purchases.   Please check back here in September for product availability.   Thank You!


CO-021  4-Piece Trekking Set    This handy set has everything a trekker needs for preparing meals while on the trail. It includes a small pouring pot with spout, strainer and pouring tab on back, a small copper cup which can be used as another cooking cup or mixing bowl (the lid fits both the pot and the cup), a redware ceramic cup for drinking hot beverages or soup, and a horn spoon. Sets like this are currently being carried by a few of our Warriors in the mountains of Afghanistan – these troops are also living history re-enactors when they are at home with us.    $110.00

CO-006  Corn Boiler    This pot measures 4 ½” in diameter by 4-¾” tall and will pack well inside a haversack or bedroll. A popular pot with those who trek. Holds 1 quart.    $69.00


CO-007  Insert    Absolutely the most popular pot and best-seller! This great little pot handles most of the needs a person has while on a trek, a “bare bones” camp out, a day’s hunt, or an extended scout. It also fits inside the corn boiler so that the two pots can be used to cover about all your cooking needs. This little pot is lightweight, rugged and reliable. Holds 2 cups.    $65.00


CO-008  5x3    This dandy little pot falls into the same category as the Insert listed above. It is a variation of the insert in that it is another good “one man” pot that will nest inside the slightly larger 6x 3 ½” pot (which also nests inside the 7x4” pot). The 5x3” pot is easy to pack and will not tip over easily if you need to set it on a bed of uneven coals.    $65.00

CO-015  Trade Kettle    Trade Kettles were popular among all people in the early days of our country’s history. These lightweight kettles are good choices for camp or on the trail. The small kettle on the left in the photo holds 26-ounces. It measures 4-3/4” across the base x 3½” across the top x 4½” tall.    $71.00


CO-016  Trade Kettle    The larger kettle on the right in the photo holds holds 42-ounces. It measures 5-7/8” across the base x 4¾” across the top x 4½” tall.    $75.00

CO-014 CO-014  Canteens    These canteens are made just the way those found at various historic sites during archaeological investigations. Available in two sizes, the small one holds 32-ounces while the large one holds approximately 56-ounces. Available with or without thimbles soldered on the sides for attaching a carrying rope. Some users prefer not having the thimbles or loops on the side as they want to sew their own wool cover for carrying the canteen. Canteens do not come with stoppers. While many users just put a cork in the spout, originally, a sassafras stopper was whittled to seal the canteen. This stopper was carved from dried sassafras a little undersize so that when it became wet, the wood swelled and made a good seal. These canteens are all priced the same so please specify size and whether or not you want thimbles on the canteen. Canteens are made of plain copper, not tin lined – use for water only   $70.00

PA-008  Homespun Cotton Scarf    Nothing flashy here – just plain, old fashioned cotton triangles used for head scarves, neck scarves, cravats, bandanas, and traditional face protection in dust storms. Our scarves are generously cut – 54 inches across the long points – so that, in a pinch, they can also be used for a triangular bandage or arm sling. Colors and patterns vary. Please specify your choice: solid color or colored pattern.    $6.00



FW-020  Fire Making Kit   Contained in a handy round tin can with a friction-fit lid, our Fire Making Kit contains everything needed for starting a fire in a traditional manner. The 4-inch round tinder box includes a “C” Style Fire Steel, flint, a generous amount of flax tow for tinder, and approximately 12 pieces of cotton char cloth. Of all the tools we offer, this represents a “touch stone” with history, a most ancient technology - one that can be traced back 5,000 years in man’s history. People who are unfamiliar with this form of fire making often times watch in amazement as a fire is kindled in this manner, as if magic or some sort of sorcery was used.   $20.00

FW-023  Trekker's Fire Making Kit   This lightweight Fire Making Kit is ideal for Trekkers wanting to limit the weight of the gear they carry with them in their haversack or belt pouch. This kit uses a French-style oval striker made of high carbon tool steel and includes a sharp piece of French Amber Flint. Two kinds of tinder are provided: traditional flax tow and jute rope. There are enough pieces of char cloth stored under the striker and beneath the tinder to make at least a dozen fires. Weight of this compact kit is about three ounces.   $15.00



FW-029  Charcloth   For the individual who does not have the time to make his or her own char cloth, we offer this convenient pack of at least 30 pieces of 100% cotton char cloth to be used with flint and steel for fire making. While there is no great mystery to making good char cloth, now and then it happens that an outdoor event slips up on a person before there is time to make a batch of char. This solves the problem.   $1.00

FW-050  Flax Tow - 2-oz   From England comes this fine flax tow, the unrefined fibers of the flax plant from which linen thread is spun before being woven into fabric. Useful for spinning demonstrations, fire making with flint and steel, traditional gun cleaning swab, and other utilitarian purposes,    $3.00



FW-019  “C” Style Fire Steel   This type of Fire Steel is generally thought of as an English pattern and is a type commonly found in archaeological digs at historic sites throughout New England. Made of high carbon tool steel.   $15.00

GF-003  French Flint Shard   These flints are used for Flint/Steel fire making and the Fire Making Kits shown above.    $2.00



TK-004  Agate Arrowheads    These are genuine stone arrowheads hand made from agate. The reason they are as inexpensive as they are is that they are imported. If you have an interest in primitive archery and would like to try your hand at hafting a stone point to the end of your arrow, these may just be what you are looking for. Average length is about an inch.   $1.50

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