Wooden Bowls

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   Wooden Bowls shown on this page are made of hardwood beech harvested in Michigan. Called the Great Lake State because its boundaries touch four of the five Great Lakes, the climate in Michigan produces beech trees with exceptionally fine, dense grain that make excellent bowls.

One of the reasons beech is often used for making bowls is that it imparts no taste or odor to food – either hot or cold – served in them. Among foresters and woodworkers of an earlier time, Beech was considered the “Mother of the Forest.” Its wood was used for making bowls, platters, cups, ladles, and spoons.

The folks who make the bowls we sell take great pride in producing truly unique and historically correct bowls. Their work motto is “We make tomorrow’s antiques today!” With care, these bowls will serve you well and will be handed down as heirlooms one day.

The bowls we sell are unfinished and require seasoning before use. The seasoning process not only protects the wood but also prevents the growth of bacteria. We recommend the use of B’s Oil for treating not only these bowls but also any wood product that will be used for the preparation or serving of food.

B’s Oil is a blend of beeswax and mineral oil, both of which are inert and will not promote the growth of illness-causing bacteria. In combination, these two ingredients seal the pores of the wood and bring out the natural beauty of the Beech wood grain. Two coats of B’s Oil are suggested for the initial seasoning process. Additional coats can be applied when the wood appears dried out or after repeated washings. A coat of B’s Oil once a year will ensure longevity.

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