Shooter’s Necessaries

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SH-001  Antler Tip Powder Measures   Deer antler powder measures are traditional charging tools used by hunters and shooters in North America during the Early American period. They were frequently decorated and personalized by their owners and have today become sought after folk art. While each is unique, all include a decorated pour spout to make filling your musket, rifle or pistol an easier matter. Tips are carved in decorative motifs and have a small diameter hole for attaching the measure to your powder horn strap or hunting bag. Each finely finished powder measure is engraved with the amount of powder it will hold, ranging in size from 20 to 120 grains of black powder. (Note: larger sizes are available upon request.) Please indicate the size of the powder charge (in amount of grains of FFg black powder) desired. As each measure is unique, styles of decoration will vary from piece to piece.   $25.00

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FrizzenPick_3.JPG - 15872 Bytes SH-003  Whisk and Pick   One of the necessary accouterments of shooting a flintlock musket or rifle, the Whisk and Pick can be a small work of art. Entirely hand made, the handles of these two tools have been constructed of turned antler tip and left unstained. As you use them, the natural oils in your skin, the residue of burned powder, and gun oil on your hands will gradually stain the material until they develop a patina unique to you.   $20.00

SH-004  Frizzen Stall   This leather safety device is placed over the frizzen of a flintlock to prevent the flint from striking sparks should it strike the frizzen at an unwanted time. It is a required piece of safety equipment at most battle reenactments and should be included in every shooter’s kit. Please specify size – Large for Brown Bess, Charlesville, and similar musket locks; Small for civilian fowlers and rifle locks.   $5.00   

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SH-022   Shot Pouches    These nicely made shot pouches are for round ball or loose shot and have spouts of either horn or antler and come in sizes that range from .30 caliber through .75 caliber. Please specify your desired caliber and we will try to accommodate you.    $30.00

SH-020  Loading Blocks    Many muzzle loader deer hunters have adopted the use of ball blocks in their hunting gear as a means of re-loading quickly when in the deer woods of autumn. Having three or more patched balls hanging around their neck or attached to their shooting bag speeds up the process of reloading once a shot has been taken. These same hunters frequently leave their powder horns and possibles bag back at camp, taking instead a few rolled paper cartridges with pre-measured powder charges and their ball blocks. The logic for this is simple: most often when deer hunting a hunter will get only one or two shots at his quarry. If he misses with those, the deer is long gone. On the other hand, if the hunter is familiar with his rifle and has practiced well before the deer season opens, one or two shots are all he will need. If you will look carefully at the horn disc at the top of each block, you will see a date etched into the horn along with a nice 18th century scrimshaw pattern. These Ball Blocks are made by Orville Mumma and it is one of his hallmark touches to put a date on these pieces that match the caliber. Thus, blocks that have 1750 are .50 caliber, while a .54 caliber will have 1754, a .58 caliber will be dated 1758, a .62 caliber will be dated 1762 and so forth. This item makes a very distinctive addition to your gear.   $30.00



French Amber Gunflint   Our French gunflints are from the Loire River Valley in France and are exactly the same as the kind sought after by hunters, adventurers, and military armies throughout the world in the 18th century. Even the English soldiers preferred the French flints over those available in England. Are they really better and more durable than other gun flints available today? You won’t get us involved in that argument! However, we do sell very many of these flints to discerning shooters these days.
   See our special French Amber Gunflints product page for sizes and pricing.   (Click Here)
SH-025  Turkey Call    This traditional turkey call was probably in use here in North America before Europeans ever set foot in the turkey woods! Made from turkey wing bones, using this call is a proven way to bring that gobbler strutting to your location. The call is easily mastered with a little practice - instead of blowing into the mouthpiece, a sucking or "kissing" action causes a crisp clucking sound to resonate from the bell end. No gobbler in his right mind could turn down the seductive hen "come hither" call thus produced! Two bones are joined together and then covered with a sewn rawhide for a tight fit. Not only does this call work well, it also looks perfect as an accoutrement for a long hunter's kit - whether hanging from a lanyard around your neck or worn in your tricorn.
Made by Orville Mumma.    $25.00

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