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TA-001  Wood Dice   In various shapes and designs have been in use for many centuries. This set includes 3 simple square wood dice, a history of dice, and instructions for simple games.   $4.00



TA-002  Pewter Dice   These dice are similar to the type made by soldiers when in camp and off duty. Although gambling was discouraged by their officers, soldiers would sometimes hammer a pair of lead musket balls square, mark numbers on the sides, and make their own dice for gambling. These dice are made from lead-free pewter and come in a set of 3 including a history and instruction sheet.   $5.00

TA-003  Game of Jacks   This game has been played in one form or another for more than 2,000 years and was a common game during our American history. This set includes 10 lead-free pewter jacks, one wooden ball, one rubber ball a cloth storage pouch, and a sheet with the history of the game and rules for playing different games.    $8.00

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TA-004  Cup & Ball   Games of this nature have been in use for many centuries in various designs. The object of the game is to catch the ball in the cup, which is not as simple as it seems. These toys were popular in Europe with adults and children alike during the time of the settlement of North America. It was a common tavern game as well. Our Cup and Ball toy is turned from solid maple, more than 10 inches in length and includes a history and instruction sheet.   $8.00

TA-005  Bilbo Catcher   Another variation of the Cup & Ball Game, this includes a 5-inch spindle with a cup on one end and a tip on the other. The ball can be caught on either end of the spindle and provides two different challenges for players of the game. Includes a history and instruction sheet.   $8.00

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JP-009  Corn Husk Doll   An early form of doll crafted by North American Indian tribes across the continent shown and given to the colonists during the earliest days of European contact.    These Corn Husk Dolls represent colonial girls at different tasks in their daily lives.    None of the dolls have faces which was a common practice among the Native Americans crafters.
Shown here is the Betsy Ross Corn Husk Doll.   For a complete listing of available "stock" dolls, please see our "Jude's Products" page here.   $15.00

TA-013  Cabin Doll    This is another common doll made by the colonial girls and women. It was typically crafted from scraps of material too small for other practical uses in the early American home. Material was a precious commodity in the home, being used for many purposes, and so dolls had to be made small. Colonial girls, however, were happy to have a doll, no matter how big or small.   $3.00

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